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David Carter an absolute gem of the Australian Music scene...

David Carter was taught to play guitar by his dad and took drumming lessons for a year. He grew up in Newcastle and confirms his family nurtured his musical talent. "My dad taught me a lot of stuff without me realising it at the time. I am now learning how to use all those skills he and mum handed me when I was a little fella".  Dave Carter 2007

In the early 1980's Dave began in a band called Refugee with Tony Heads, Michael Punch, Peter Sheehan and Roger Koller, the band toured from Taree to Wagga Wagga over the next couple of years.  Dave Carter played bass and was a vocalist in Newcastle bands including: The Colours with Deborah Harrison, Michael Punch, Tony Heads, Marc Collison, Craig Lancaster and Ian Crawford. He was a member of The Orphans: Les Gully, Pam Gully, Jeff Dunn, Greg Dawson, Gordon  and McLean. Other Members: Ray Arnott, Dennis Butler, Ian Crawford, Tony Heads, Peter Wholohan, Terry Lantrey, Jan Manning, Gil Mouat, Michael Punch, Phil Screen, Michael Stove, Steve Werren, Julie Wilson, Steve Wilson, Kevin Wyatt and Rob Coxon, Special Guests included: John Paul Young, Warren Morgan, John 'Swanee' Swan, Dennis Wilson, Jamie Redfern, Mick Tucker, Bob Spencer, Brett Johnson, Bruce Derkenne, Trevor Parkinson and John . Dave was a guest member in the Party Pies with Les Gully, Pam Gully and Steve Cowley, guests members  included: Mark Johns, Greg Johns, Greg Dawson, Giles Smith, Ali Morgan, Dave Carter, Mick Stove, Greg Bryce, Kent Jackson, Doug Gillespie and Steve Werren.

Dave met drummer Craig Lancaster and clicked .The two formed the band Eden, with David Carter on bass, Craig Lancaster on drums and Mick Punch on guitar. The band did well and began adding original songs to their sets. Eden supported acts Matt Finish and The Beats on a regular basis. As local success began to grow, like a lot of young bands... Eden split up.

Dave joined the band Yesterday with Col Bagent, Maurie and Andrew Hill. Yesterday was an easy listening dance covers band. At this time Dave learned a new style and confirms, 'I learned to play my Rickenbacker with my fingers'. I had been playing with picks up until then and after that month I had another style up my sleeve'.

Special Branch was formed with Craig Lancaster, Mick Stove and David. With a repertoire of songs from Queen, Fab, The Police and their original music Special Branch created a popular following. After a short band break, the band reformed as a four piece version of Special Branch by incorporating Paul Elliot on guitar into the mix. Dave says of Special Branch, 'The Branch did many shows; we were a good band (all modesty aside) so it was our duty to break up, and continues  'I met Kevin Shirley, a record producer from South Africa. We did a lot of recording with him over an 18 month period. I have never worked with many engineers/producers of his calibre. This period of my life was a massive creative ferment for me'. Before the final end of Special Branch they renamed the band The Crush, replaced the drummer Craig Lancaster with Ron Bult and played for a year including a weekly residency at Sydney’s Springfield’s nightclub.

Having engulfed himself into the music scene on Australia's East Coast, David had a stable of contacts including: Sydney based guitarist Ben Little. The Kevin and Steve White Management put together a band for Alex Smith of Moving Pictures to tour the East Coast. David Carter played in the Newcastle band DBM formerly known as Anything But That), DBM featured Alex Smith: vocals, Ben Little: guitar, Lee Borkmen: Keyboards, Mick O'Shea: drums and David Carter: bass guitar. DBM played many shows, and wrote original material. Dave left the band to per sue new projects.

In the 1990's Dave started the band The Funbusters with UJ Neil. Members included: Phil Screen, Mick Stove, Steve Dunkley, Brien McVernon and Peter 'Cyd' Lindsay. He was a member of Arvidson Price, formerly Rain and renamed Bliss with Daniel Arvidson, Joshua Callaway and Stephen Price. Cafe Society who played lounge music every Monday night for three and a half years at the Castle night club, members include: Sharon Dormer, Ron Bult, Ross Young. The trio Love That Hat with: Michael Stove and Sue Carson.

He played bass in the Bryan Adams tribute band, Mr Jinx with Ken Jewel and Josh Callaway . Combining his talent with Bob Corbett/Paul Elliot he produced the duo Loonatic Fringe, a covers band with songs ranging from The Beatles and The Police to Split Enz.

A call from the band Judge Mercy contacted Dave with news Ian Moss was looking for a bass player. Dave auditioned and got the gig. The group consisted of Ian Moss, Kerry Jacobson on drums and Dave. They performed initially around Sydney and then toured for six weeks in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Returning to Australia the band toured for the following two years. David left the Ian Moss Show just before the album Petrol Head was released.

Throughout the nineties Dave played in Yiante. Members of Yiante included: Ian Sandercoe,  Paul Elliot, Craig Lancaster, Tony Heaney, Robert Matthews, Ngariki, Chris Lowe, Josh Callaway and David Carter. The music made its way to London, and was used as pre-show music for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs. David Carter played bass for Ian Sandercoe in Dein Perry's Australian feature film Bootmen and left following the films recording.

David played in the following bands: Dave Carter and Friends with Chris Lowe, Bob Corbett and Paul Elliot. The band 24 Strings with Paul Elliot, Bob Corbett and Ngariki. The Newcastle trio Gas with Paul Elliot and Craig Lancaster. Love That Hat with Michael Stove and Sue Carson and Mother Popcorn with Bob Corbett, Paul Elliot, Chris Lowe and Guy DeVille.

Dave Carter: is an exceptional songwriter with a successful jingle writing business. Turn on the radio in Newcastle and you’re bound to hear one of Dave’s jingles. Dave has won many awards including best male vocalist at The Newcastle Music Awards.

Get more information about David Carter at the EAO website:  www.eao.com.au

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